Surviving Winter Allergy Triggers

As the winter season approaches, many seasonal allergy sufferers rejoice. The fall season is known for allergy symptoms flaring up — but winter isn’t free of allergens!

While many common fall allergens are put away for the season, several new allergens are now in action.

If you head into winter prepared, you can battle the seasonal allergies and stay healthy and comfortable. Learn about the common allergies first and then have allergy testing to see what may cause an allergic reaction this season.

Common Winter Allergieswinter allergies sneeze

Winter Food Allergies

During the holiday season, most events center around food. Even the non-holiday related events tend to revolve around meals, snacks and drinks.

Because parties and family gatherings involve so much food, there’s an even greater chance that you could eat something that causes your allergies to flare up without even knowing it!

Watch out for food allergies this winter by keeping these things in mind:

  • If you don’t feel comfortable eating the foods served at parties, bring your own dishes or fill up on food first. You can explain your situation to the host to make sure he or she understands why you’re not feasting!
  • Ask! If you’re concerned about a particular dish, just ask your host about the ingredients. Most will be happy to let you know.
  • Carry medication with you in case of an allergic reaction.
  • Think of your guests, too. Since you understand the scary reality of a surprise allergic reaction, do your holiday guests a favor by holding onto food labels so guests can check them.

Winter Seasonal Allergy Triggers

Bringing that spruce tree into the house can cause seasonal allergic reactions for you or your family. The fragrance or mold spores in the tree may cause coughing, sneezing or shortness of breath. Letting the tree dry in the garage and giving it a good shake can help reduce the risk of allergic reaction. An artificial tree is a solution for many homes.

Leaving the family dog or cat at home for the holiday trips is often necessary. You might be surprised to have some allergic reactions when you return home. This sometimes happens when pet owners lose tolerance while away from their pet for a short period of time.

Take Control of Seasonal Allergies!

Don’t let the tissues pile up this winter. Instead, figure out what triggers your allergies by having allergy testing at Test Smartly Labs Kansas City North. Once you know the seasonal triggers, you can take steps to improve your allergy symptoms.

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