How is Synthetic Marijuana Becoming a National Crisis?

Spice. K2. Mr. Happy. No matter the catchy name, there is a killer running rampant in our nation. Synthetic marijuana is becoming more than a bad habit; in July, 300 people overdosed in Washington D.C. due to tainted synthetic marijuana. On August 15th, over 70 people overdosed in New Haven because of the drug. What does this mean for our nation? 

According to NPR, reports in Washington D.C. are that overdoses from synthetic marijuana don’t discriminate based on neighborhoods or incomes. Even the wealthy areas are affected.

K2: The Silent Killer

The trouble with synthetic marijuana is that it’s cheap and easy to access, as well as inconspicuous. A quick glance at a wrapper would make you think of a party favor. Synthetic marijuana, or K2, is packaged in fun ways that would never make you think that it’s a dangerous narcotic.

Mistaken Beliefs

One of the reasons that K2 is becoming so popular is that people mistakenly believe that they can take it without it showing up on a drug test. However, as Test Smartly is well aware, that is false. We provide a test that looks specifically for synthetic marijuana.

The tricky part is that K2 is made up of a component of synthetic substances that can be dangerous on their own and when combined. Law enforcement has a difficult time pinning down K2 because as soon as one substance becomes illegal, the creators just make a new batch out of legal chemicals. It’s hard to maintain control on a narcotic that is constantly changing its colors like a chameleon. Test Smartly’s test for synthetic marijuana is a chance to fight back against this toxic substance.

Looking Beyond Washington D.C.

Our nation’s capital isn’t the only place K2 has been deadly. Chicago and other parts of central Illinois faced a number of hospitalizations and deaths in April due to a K2 compound that had been tainted with rat poison. As with Washington, drug users didn’t see K2 as dangerous because they were confident that the dealer or store that sold them the drugs were reliable.

Staying Away from K2

If you know someone who has been experimenting with K2 as an alternative to marijuana, help them understand that synthetic marijuana can be deadly. Even though the effects are supposed to mimic smoking organic pot, the chemicals in K2 can be more powerful and deadlier. It is imperative to their health to get help for their addiction right away. Schedule a time for them to come in and take our synthetic marijuana test today. Help save them from an epidemic that is threatening our nation. 


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