This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another

Every state besides Hawaii is battling this highly aggressive strain of the flu this year. On Monday, January 22nd, mother-of-two, Karlie Slaven, died of the flu just three days after being diagnosed. Slaven has spent the week before caring for her son and daughter while they were battling the flu.  Continue reading “This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another” »

How to Fight the Flu at Work

It’s that time of year when not only seasonal treats appear at work, but also seasonal illnesses. As temperatures drop in Kansas City and throughout the nation, it seems like sneezy, coughing employees are the norm. We all know that the holiday season is a terrible time for your workers to get sick, as they’re likely busy trying to get all their work finished before your vacations — and they want to spend their down time with family, not confined to their bed with a fever and constant congestion. Continue reading “How to Fight the Flu at Work” »