This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another

Every state besides Hawaii is battling this highly aggressive strain of the flu this year. On Monday, January 22nd, mother-of-two, Karlie Slaven, died of the flu just three days after being diagnosed. Slaven has spent the week before caring for her son and daughter while they were battling the flu.  Continue reading “This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another” »

Benefits of Arranging an On-Site Flu Shot For Your Employees

As we shared in our last post, the flu not only has a huge impact on an individual’s health, but also on the health of those around them. This includes their co-workers.

If one of your employees brings the flu into your workplace, you stand to lose money in the form of sick days, lost productivity, and health care costs. When you realize that having employees get a flu shot lowers their risk of infection and saves your business an average of $30 per employee, it just makes sense: you want the maximum number of people in your work force to get protected with a flu shot.

When it comes to encouraging employees to get their flu shot, nothing works better than hosting immunizations on-site. Here’s why.

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