Lyme Disease: Symptoms & Tick Prevention


Summer begins this week, so it’s time to get the last of the tick information out. An issue that we have seen through the end of 2016 up to now is the mild winter and hot, humid spring. This is the weather that tends to lead to heightened tick populations during the summer.

Many of us may have forgotten about or don’t know very much about Lyme disease because who really gets it? If you’ve been having odd symptoms that specialists just can’t figure out or if you are going to or live in tick-dense areas, read on┬áto make sure you don’t get Lyme disease this summer. Continue reading “Lyme Disease: Symptoms & Tick Prevention” »

How to Stay Safe from Pests this Summer

The CDC released a report detailing how illnesses caused by tick and mosquito bites have tripled since 2004. Summertime can be a dangerous season for insect bites. Test Smartly Labs recommends following these steps to keep you and your family safe from vector-borne diseases this summer: Continue reading “How to Stay Safe from Pests this Summer” »