The Office Gym

Have you ever joined a gym thinking that you will at least go to one or two of the classes they offer? Have you paid high fees for a membership, to only use it a couple of times because it is inconvenient? Having a workout area at your office could solve all of your gym membership problems, and improve your workplace wellness!

Having a workout area at your office doesn't have to be super fancy. The space can be as simple as some yoga mats and a fitness ball.

The Space

Does your office have a gym? Unless you are in a corporate setting, the answer is no. The unfortunate thing is that most facilities have the space for a gym, but just don’t utilize it. A workout space only needs to have two main things, privacy and room. An abandoned office area, if it is large enough, could even work!

Having a private workout space is also a great asset to have if your office does wellness screenings. If your business is going to donate a space for the company gym, having a wellness screening before the gym opens up may just encourage more people to use the workout area.


Once you pick your work out spot you will want to fill the space with equipment. And the great news is that you don’t need thousands of dollars for weight machines. You can actually purchase high quality resistance bands, for a fraction of what a machine costs, that will give you a similar high intensity workout.

Workout Videos

Some people need someone leading them while they workout. Try adding a TV and DVD player to the gym so employees can bring in their own workout videos like the hit work out craze called P90X. Even better, see if your office will pay for a professional to teach a fitness class once a week.

Hire a professional

Having a professional come in and teach a class once a week in your office gym can not only boost attendance, but boost moral as well. Working out with other people will bring camaraderie and fitness accountability to the weight room.

A professional will also be able to teach you how to lift and work out properly. Many people get injured and easily burnt out from exercising because they are not working out correctly. Injury can also effect your work performance.

Ask Corporate

One of the greatest investments a company can make is investing well in their employees wellness. Encouraging work place wellness by offering free health screenings and an office gym is incredibly important to a healthy business.

If you are wanting a workout space at work or are looking to improve your current one by hiring a professional to come in and teach a class, don’t be afraid to ask your management or your corporate office for funding. The amount of money that is invested in a workout area for employees will be a doubled in return by the results of healthy lifestyle changes.

If you are tired of skipping out on that class at the gym, or just ready to get into a new routine at work, try creating an office workout area. You just may be surprised at how many of your co-workers are looking for the same thing!

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