Tips for Staying Active in Kansas City This Winter

Although the polar vortex has fortunately moved on since taking residence in Kansas City earlier this month, temperatures are still cold enough to dissuade many people from staying active around the metro area. Outdoor running, biking, or walking might seem out of the question.

At Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City, we know that part of overall wellness includes staying active despite the chill. Regular exercise can lower your cholesterol, reduce your cancer risk, and promote heart health. If one of your goals this winter is staying active, getting a gym membership isn’t the only solution. Follow our tips to keep warm while staying active while outdoors, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of Kansas City in winter!

Enjoy Kansas City Winters by Staying Active Outside

Layer Well

The key to staying active when temperatures are low? Layer your clothing to protect you from cold winds and precipitation. When dressing for outdoor activities in Kansas City’s harsh winter, place a thin layer of synthetic microfiber materials to keep sweat off your body. Next, put an insulating layer on top to help retain warmth. Properly layering your clothes will help you keep comfortable and avoid hypothermia while you’re staying active. It’s also a good idea to pack a change of clothes for longer winter expeditions, like an overnight camping and hiking trip. And if you plan on staying active in the evenings, be sure to wear reflective gear so that drivers can spot you on dark winter nights.

Test Smartly Labs | Tips for Staying Active in Kansas City This Winter

Staying Active in Winter? Also Stay Hydrated

Although you may not feel as hot and sweaty when staying active in winter as compared to the spring or summer, it’s still imperative to stay hydrated during winter exercise. Because Kansas City’s air grows dry in winter, it will essentially eliminate your body’s moisture, and the chilly winds will only dehydrate you further. Be armed with a full water bottle and continue refilling it while staying active. In fact, be sure to drink enough in the 2 hours before you begin exercising.

Always Check the Weather

There are times when staying active outside just isn’t a feasible option, no matter how well you layer your clothing. Be sure to check the weather before embarking on a hiking, biking, or jogging trip. Our local meteorologists will be clear about times when temperatures are too low to permit staying active outdoors.

Biking in Winter

If your plans for staying active this winter include biking, be sure to follow our first three tips. In addition, make sure to add an ear band and neck protection to help you retain heat while biking. You can even wear a bandanna under your helmet for additional warmth.

Hiking? Be Sure to Get Traction

Hiking one of Kansas City’s nature trails is a great method for staying active in winter — but keep in mind that they might be icy or snow-packed. Be sure to wear the appropriate footwear. If necessary, you can add devices to your shoes to help you gain traction, or even get some snowshoes!

Keep Track of Your Overall Wellness With Test Smartly Labs

At Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City, your health and wellness is our concern. We encourage you to keep staying active this winter and be aware of your overall wellness with testing at our walk-in lab. We offer a range of wellness testing for both individuals and organizations, from health risk assessments to biometric screenings to cholesterol panels.

To learn more about staying active this winter and monitoring your wellness, contact Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City at
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