Titer Tests

Never heard of them? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, read on and soon understand not only what a titer test is, but the important role they can play.

What is a Titer Test?

Simply put, a titer test is a lab draw that measures the amount of antibodies in your blood. These types of tests have many uses, and have been used in several different heath scenarios. Some common uses of titer tests include:

  • draw blood and measure antibodies to determine if you’ve had a past infection
  • discover what immunizations you might need
  • check the effectiveness of a vaccine
  • test to see if you have mono or a viral form of hepatitis

Common Titer Tests in Kansas City, MO

Many people will draw a titer test for specific reasons. However, as a walk-in lab in Kansas City, we see people come in for titers based on a few situations. Here are the most common reasons we see people need a titer test:

Vaccine Titer Tests

A titer test can be run to determine which diseases you should be protected against, and for which ones you might need immunization. We run these tests to show immunity to certain diseases. This may also be helpful for adults who’ve lost their vaccination records. A high amount of antibodies toward a certain disease means that a person is more or less immune to that disease. This could have been because of a previous vaccine or exposure and recovery to the disease at some point (whether known or unknown.)

Mono Titer Test

Oh the famous “kissing disease” is everyone’s favorite. A mono test is actually a titer test that determines if you indeed have a dreaded case of mono. Teens aren’t the only ones to get this disease; adults can also come down with mono. And while it’s notorious to spread through kissing, it’s actually transferred through any saliva swap. You can get it from sharing the drinking fountain to sharing a glass of water. A titer test can be run to test your susceptibility toward mono, or determine if the sleepiness you feel is indeed a legitimate case of mononucleosis.

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