Wellness Accountability in the Workplace

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you sit at your desk all day.  But, having a wellness accountability partner in the workplace can help you meet your health and fitness goals.

You are more likely to do a workout if you are accountable to someone else!

There you are in the office lounge and you see it, the snack machine. There are many choices. You can have a granola bar, a Snickers bar or two Twinkies, it is a hard decision. To top it all off, you still have a banana at your desk that you didn’t eat for breakfast. Looking to see who is around, you splurge for the Twinkies. While the taste of the cream filled goodness is well worth it, it doesn’t last long and the way it makes you feel 20 minutes later, lasts all day.

How could you have avoided this scene? By having a wellness accountability partner in your office.

What is a Wellness Accountability Partner?

A wellness accountability partner is someone who will ask you the hard questions about how you are taking care of yourself. One of the biggest benefits to an accountability partner is in the area of food. Just knowing that you will have to tell a co-worker about your Twinkie incident is probably enough to make you second guess what type of decision you made.

Being accountable to someone else will help you make better decisions. If no one else knows what you are doing, then your eating habits and lack of exercise can be your own little secret. And having your own little secrets doesn’t get you very far on the road to good health.

Find the Right Person

The hardest part of wellness accountability in the work place is finding the right person to keep you accountable. You have to find someone who you know and can learn to trust. Randomly choosing someone to keep you accountable is not ideal.

Find someone who has the same type of goals as you, and someone who also desires to strive toward healthy living. If you choose a person who is going to cheat on their diet with you, that is probably not a good person to pick either.

You also have to be willing to help keep the other person accountable to what they eat and how they take care of themselves. Accountability is two-sided.

Once you choose your partner do research to see if your office offers a wellness program or wellness testing. Wellness testing will include a health screening that will better help you assess your fitness goals.

Set Your Own Rules

The great thing about finding an accountability partner is that the two of you set the rules. There is not a 5-step plan to perfect wellness accountability. The two of you set the tone and the rules for the desired goal.


One place to start when laying out the parameters for your accountability is to come up with a designated time to ask each other accountability questions. Questions could include, but are not limited to:

  • Did you eat a good breakfast today?
  • What type of snacks have you eaten today?
  • Have you worked out today? If not, when do you plan on working out?
  • What did you pack for lunch today?
  • Have you been drinking soda or water today?

Working Out Together

Sometimes it can be easier to talk about things instead of actually doing them. When you are setting up rules for your accountability time, see if there is a way for the two of you to work out together. Having a person to work out with will increase the chance of you actually working out. Making a commitment to another person is much harder to break than just making a commitment to yourself.

This year, commit to finding a co-worker who will help keep you accountable in the area of wellness. Having accountability will save you from overdosing on Twinkies and soda at work, and will even help you become more productive.

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