Why Your Children Need the Influenza Vaccine Now

The new school year is here and doctors are encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated as a part of the back to school process. The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that parents get the vaccine for children over the age of 6 months as soon as the vaccine is available. Let’s take a look at why the vaccine is so important for your kids.

What is Influenza?

Influenza is an acute infection caused by a virus which is highly communicable as it spreads from one person to another. It does not have boundaries as to whom it can affect or at which age, though it tends to be severe for a certain group of people. It occurs annually during the cold winter season, but outbreaks can start as early as October.get your flu shot vaccine

What are the signs and symptoms of Influenza?

The common symptoms of the seasonal flu include:

  • Sudden unexpected high fever

  • Dry coughs

  • Severe Headaches

  • Intense pain in your muscles and joints

  • The feeling of being unwell which is severe in nature

  • Having a running nose

  • Sore throat

If symptoms are not taken seriously, those affected may suffer from severe illnesses and even death.

Why Should Kids get the Vaccine Now?

Last year, a large number of flu cases came about 5 weeks early. This prompts us to get the vaccine sooner rather than later. It is better not to wait until flu season hits. The flu vaccine significantly reduces the risk of infection. Before the school year gets even busier, schedule flu vaccines for yourself and your children.

It is very important that parents take their children for vaccination because:

  • Getting a flu shot reduces the possibility that you will contract the flu when it comes around.

  • In the event of a child who has been vaccinated against the flu gets infected, he or she suffers mild symptoms and is at an advantage of fighting it.

  • Parents should have their children vaccinated so as to safeguard and increase their immunity.

  • When parents have their children vaccinated, they save greatly on hospital expenses which arise from them going to seek medical intervention if their children are infected.

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