Why Your Workplace Needs On-Site Flu Shots

Flu Shot

Cold and flu season is rapidly approaching, and it’s the perfect time to think about on-site flu vaccinations for your workplace. While it may cost money initially for on-site flu shots, it can save you in the long run as far as productivity and time off work are concerned. Here’s why.

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Days off Don’t Pay Off

Among adults 18-64 years of age, influenza causes the following each year:
  • 200 million days of diminished productivity; » 100 million days of bed disability
  • 75 million days of work absences
  • 22 million visits to healthcare providers [source].

The average employee takes off 2.8 days due to the flu, translating to a cost of $20 billion for US employers when 15 million employees get sick with the flu [source]. Because the flu is so contagious, employees who come in to work despite having the flu increase lost workdays by 10-30%.  The flu alone can cost $10 billion due to lost productivity [source].

Benefits of Workplace Vaccination

According to research in the New England Journal of Medicine, workplace immunization programs reduce absenteeism by 36% and offer cost savings by over $46 per vaccinated employee thanks to savings on medical costs and sick days; other researchers estimate savings from $63-$95 per vaccinated employee if vaccinations take place before December [source].
And money saved isn’t the only benefit of on-site vaccination: an immunized workforce is healthier, experiencing:
  • 13%-44% fewer doctor visits;
  • 18%-45% fewer lost work days; and
  • 18%-28% fewer days with reduced productivity [source].

When your employees don’t get influenza, they don’t spread it to each other. Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees mean happy customers.

On-site flu vaccines make sense. (And cents.)

Think of all the money you’ll save with flu vaccinations for your employees! Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park will come to you. Click here or call us at (913) 815-0988 for information on on-site flu shots for your workplace. Your customers will thank you.

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