Workplace Wellness in Action: Meet Kansas City’s Healthiest Employers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: committing to workplace wellness in your Kansas City business can have countless benefits for your company and your employees. From savings on medical costs to happier, healthier, more productive employees, there are many reasons why companies in Kansas City and across the United States are prioritizing workplace wellness.

Recently, the Kansas City Business Journal highlighted a few of the metro’s healthiest employers, showing successful workplace wellness programs in action. We’ve read up on those employers that made the list and gathered a few tips you may want to implement in your own workplace wellness program.

Kansas City’s Healthiest Employers: Learn From Their Workplace Wellness Programs

Who made the cut when it comes to the list of healthiest employers in Kansas City? The Business Journal split employers into four categories, as follows:

  • Kansas City Workplace Wellness | Test Smartly Labs of Overland ParkAmong employers with 5 – 249 employees, Pro Athlete Inc., ARC Physical Therapy+, Camp Fire, Gragg Advertising Inc., and McCownGordon Construction LLC were honored.
  • In the 250-999 employee category, WaterOne, Balls Food Stores, IMA Financial Group Inc., John Knox Village, and NIC Inc. boasted a great workplace wellness focus.
  • For employers with 1,000 – 3,499 employees, Independence School District, Blue Valley Unified School District No. 229, Faith Technologies Inc., Kansas City Power & Light, and Terracon Consultants Inc. were named the healthiest employers.
  • Finally, the following companies with 3,500+ employees were praised for their workplace wellness efforts: Cerner Corporation, Assurant Employee Benefits, Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino & Hotel, Truman Medical Centers, and UnitedHealthcare.

Workplace Wellness Highlights From KC’s Healthiest Employers

What can your company learn from Kansas City’s healthiest employers? We examined their workplace wellness programs to get a little insight into why they work.

  • The healthiest employers included disease-management programs. As research has shown, disease-management is an essential part of any workplace wellness program. Kansas City-based companies Harrah’s, Balls Foods, United Health Care, and Faith Technologies Inc. all included disease-management components in their successful workplace wellness programs. Balls Food Stores shared particularly impressive results from their disease-management focus, which yielded reduced cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels for their participants.
  • Healthy employers also incorporate employee-centered wellness programming. Educating your employees on health risks, health conditions, and healthy habits is an effective part of workplace wellness. Kansas City employers like Cerner, Harrah’s, Truman Medical Center, Faith Technologies Inc., WaterOne, Gragg Advertising Inc., Blue Valley School District, and McCownGordon Construction LLC all provide some form of wellness programming, including on-site lunch and learns or even workplace wellness coaches for a personalized wellness experience. Both the Independence School District and Kansas City Power & Light use employee surveys to tailor their workplace wellness programming to their workers’ needs,  while Terracon focused on holistic programming including physical, mental, and social wellness.
  • Healthy employers encourage biometric screenings.Truman Medical Centers, United Health Care, IMA Financial Group Inc., Independence School District, Blue Valley School District, Faith Technologies Inc., Terracon, WaterOne, Gragg Advertising Inc., McCownGordon Construction LLC, and Balls Food Stores all incorporate biometric screenings into their workplace wellness programs. Since biometric screenings can help catch costly, potentially fatal medical conditions, they are key to any great workplace wellness program.
  • Good workplace wellness programs include Health Risk Assessments: Blue Valley School District, Faith Technologies Inc., Terracon, WaterOne, and Balls Food Stores also included Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) in their workplace wellness programs. Like biometric screenings, HRAs help employees and health care professionals diagnose and monitor health conditions, leading to improved overall wellness.

Kansas City Employers, Get Workplace Wellness Program Assistance Today!

If your Kansas City company is ready to join the ranks of the metro’s healthiest employers, then you’ll need an effective workplace wellness program in place. The highly-trained wellness coaches at Test Smartly Labs of Overland Park, KS can help you develop a workplace wellness program that fits your company’s goals and your employees’ health needs. We also provide services that can integrate into an existing workplace wellness program, including biometric screenings and wellness lab testing.

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