This Year’s Deadly Flu Virus Claims Another

Every state besides Hawaii is battling this highly aggressive strain of the flu this year. On Monday, January 22nd, mother-of-two, Karlie Slaven, died of the flu just three days after being diagnosed. Slaven has spent the week before caring for her son and daughter while they were battling the flu. 

2018 Deadly Flu Virus

Slaven being feeling ill on Friday and her doctor advised rest. By Sunday her flu had turned into pneumonia and, at 6:30 am Monday, she passed away. Her husband Mike was summoned back from temporary deployment with the armed forces to say goodbye.

Unprecedented Influenza Activity

This year’s flu is continuing to worsen, seven more children passed away the week previous to Slaven’s passing, bringing the official death toll to 37 this season. CDC officials believe this number is an extreme underestimation. In order to try preventing spreading the virus, at least 11 states quarantine children at home and are closing schools to disinfect. Influenza-like illness has also surpassed previous years that were seen as “pandemic levels” of illness, including 2009 and 2014/15.

It Looks Like the Flu, but it’s Not

There is another virus bussing around and it’s being mistaken for the flu. Adenovirus looks, feels, and hospitalizes patients like the flu but it’s not. This virus is so risky that the military is vaccinating recruits against two major strains because the virus hasn’t been specifically identified–there are 52 different strains. Doctors offices don’t test for adenovirus, nor are people vaccinated against it because it isn’t approved for civilian use. However, the illness is preventable with vaccination. Many health professionals are trying to get the military vaccines licensed for civilians.

Get your flu shot today, it’s not too late. Any protection is better than no protection.

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